Home Satsang Guidelines

When we organize a Satsang at our place .

Be ORGANIZED AND MAINTAIN DISCIPLINE otherwise there won’t be left any difference between Guruji Satsangs and kirtans or chowki

Follow these rules religiously

1. If you are inviting guests , plz inform them firmly that their mobiles should be off or on silent mode .
They should maintain noble silence .

2. They should finish
Jal prasad , chai prasad and langar prasad
Organizer should keep in mind that prasad should be in limit which can be easily finished by sangat .

3. Organizer should maintain the DISCILPLINE about timings
Revered JOT should be lighted in time . If it is 7.00
It should be 7.00
If by chance family members are not present , never mind .
Any one among sangat who is present at that time can light .

4. Guruji should be offered Jal prasad and then Chai prasad with covered heads .

5.Organizer should finish all the chores and distribute sevas in such a way that there should be no hindrance while doing seva , and the host can devote time with Guruji

6. kitchen should be clean and all the things should be well set in the kitchen
Sugar , milk , chai masala and tea leaves all set .
No sevadaar should face any problem in doing seva in your kitchen .

7. Bathrooms should be clean and there should be one slipper , hand towel , tissues and ofcourse hand wash

8. Whoever uses washroom must maintain the cleanliness .
Yeh bhi Ek seva hai DUSRAE Kai prati


10 .Sevas should be done in a very quiet manner by sangat or family members and not by servants

11. If langar prasad seva is done by sangat
Organizer should make proper space in the kitchen for everything nicely . Else ,give this responsibility to sangat to do so .

12 .Do not fiddle with the CD or Folder played during Satsang or give PRIORTY what you want to hear .
It should be left on the sevadaar who is doing this seva .. sevadar always play those shabads wich are hukumed to him by Guruji

Try to play bhajans in end .

Only gurbani should be played. At least 1 gurbani with vyakhya must be played.

13. This is for sangat
Plz try to reach in time during Satsang not just fifteen minutes prior to the finishing time . That is very wrong . Try to reach 15 minutes prior the Satsang . And park your cars properly . BAARBAAR ANNOUNCEMENT KARNAE SAE SATSANG MEI KHALAL PARTAA HAI

14. Wish or greet the host only and only after Satsang .
Going and greeting can disturb the sangat sitting next to host and also to the host .